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Who We Are

Misty Ridge Plant Farm specialises in the propagation and sale of native Australian and climate native plants. The nursery is a family owned and operated business located at Wundowie, in the picturesque Darling ranges, 65km east of the Perth CBD. We have been propagating native plants since 1995 but our family history in horticulture can be traced back generations to the early 1900's.

Our philosophy is to supply top quality Australian and Climate Native plants at affordable prices. We also strive to provide quality information, personal service and guidance if required.

Currently we have over one acre in production at our nursery and hundreds of varieties for sale. The plant range includes our popular drought tolerant Protea family, which is famous in the floriculture industry for spectacular long lasting cut flowers.

All plants are grown onsite with expert advice in planting or designing your water wise native garden.

We also supply a great range of garden needs including potting mixes, fertilisers and chemicals.

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