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Terms and conditions

It is agreed as follows:

  1. The Customer wishes to purchase Goods from Misty Ridge Plant Farm.
  2. Misty Ridge Plant Farm agrees to supply Goods to the Customer upon and subject to the terms of this agreement and the Customer agrees that all Goods purchased from Misty Ridge Plant Farm shall be purchased pursuant to the terms of this agreement.
  3. The Customer promise to Misty Ridge Plant Farm that they have read understood and agree to the General Conditions.
  4. Misty Ridge Plant Farm are not obligated to accept any order from the customer.  If your order is accepted, the Goods subject of that order will be available to the customer within a reasonable timeframe.
  5. Acceptance of an order may without limitation be communicated by Delivery.
  6. Customer promises that:
    1. You will inspect the Goods and raise any issue as to the quality or state of the goods prior to leaving the premises.  If you do not inspect the Goods before they leave our premises, the Goods shall be deemed to have been inspected and accepted by you.
    2. Once Goods are collected, you are taken to have accepted those Goods and will not allege that they or any of them are defective in any way or to any extent.
    3. You will pay to us the Purchase Price for all Goods purchased by you on or before the expiration of the Credit Period.
  7. In addition to the Purchase Price of the Goods ordered by you, you promise to pay us:
    1. All costs and expenses incurred by us or for which we become liable (including and without limitation all legal court and debt collection costs and disbursements) of, concerning, arising out of or in any way relating to the excise by us of our rights under this agreement, any default by you and enforcement of this agreement
  8. If you default in the payment of any money payable by you under or by reason of this agreement of more than 2 days then whether or not any formal demand therefore has been made all money then owing that is not already due and payable shall become due and owing by you to us.
  9. If you default in payment of any money under this agreement interest will be charged on the amount owing and unpaid from time to time at the Default Rate as from and including the due date for payment until it has been repaid.
  10. We will hold Goods for a maximum of one week provided that full payment is made.  Failure to collect Goods within one week will result in 10% of the total value being charged per week as a holding fee until such time as:
    1. The Goods are collected and that the fee is paid in full.
    2. The value of the fee is greater than the value of the Goods.  At such time the Goods are classed as the property of Misty Ridge Plant Farm.


No plant or tree will be accepted back under any circumstances if it has been taken out of the pot or planter bag.

Misty Ridge Plant Farm reserves the right to charge a handling fee of up to 15% for all returns, cancellations or amendments.

Stock may only be returned by approval of management.

No returns will be accepted for Special Orders.

Approved returns within 24 hours for faulty product will be refunded.

No credits will be given for customer change of mind or incorrect size if not returned in good order and condition within 48 hours.

Misty Ridge Plant Farm will not accept any responsibility for damage to stock once it has left the premises.

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